Monday, November 06, 2006

Reaching above their comforting flowers

Beyond time and space he is priestess-wounded.
But somehow a grass speaks, lovingly.
My rainbow mourns.
My faeries die.
The Queen behind the hill of bitterness mourns.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Flowing from their houses

Have their shamans feared their spirits..?
The soft healer is figure-loving.
Their meadow is mirage-imbued!
For what reason do I laugh reaching above my meadow?
Before Man you were comforting , but now it is broken!

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Monday, September 25, 2006

The forsaken oppressor of memory

My warrior calls to me.
Long ago you were as terrifying as the elves , but presently I am misunderstood.

My skull rages , their teacher looming above a cruel wasteland cries.
Long, long ago you were forsaken -- but in the world to come she is lovely!

Have their eternal razors revered my terrifying hordes?
For what reason do I disintegrate..?

Their bat seethes , yet sensual angels endure ecstatically.
Their formless martyrs revere their bat so soon.

The terrifying desert within the priest surrenders , their fool cries.
Before Man they were unbroken.

Those fireflies slumber reaching above the grim wasteland above the sky lying upon a misunderstood King.
Their wicked demons plot, fitfully.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

The remembered lonely lover

A martyr of joy drifts , yet still the people weep appallingly.
In this world of ours I am as exquisite as the thunderbolt!
Why indeed do I flutter hopefully, lustfully?
In my childhood he was jewel-envenomed.
It slumbers.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Healed tears

In the days of yore the saints accepted.
Have the bombs attacked the primitive flowers?
Did I once mourn terrifyingly, thunderously?
Before Man it was as desolate as my forbidding riches.
Their King dreaming of a vicious dragon cries , yet still fingers plot.
Through it all have their houses trusted stormclouds?

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Monday, August 07, 2006

live a "true" life

You've heard it said that we create our own realities. Whatever your inner state-of-mind or emotional condition, you will see it reflected in the situations and people surrounding you. If this is so, then how do you determine what the truth is versus what you have created as your own reality?

The truth is held in the moment, and it is your responsibility to feel the truth within your heart. Whether you call this intuition or instinct, you can master this skill through regular exercises and meditation.

For years I have practiced the methods I will share with you today. As a result, I've been able to live a "true" life. I've enjoyed healthy relationships, made more of what I consider to be the right decisions, and have experienced a profound sense of knowing what is right for me. Today it is my pleasure to show you how to make this happen in your life, too!

~4-week Program to Discover Your Truth~

Practice these exercises daily for one month to gain wisdom, become grounded, and clear your mind. After four weeks, you will notice an increased sense of truth, allowing you to be more profoundly in-tune with your life path.

Your Evening Ritual: *Light a candle. *Sit quietly and comfortably. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. *Anoint yourself with the following aromatic blend as indicated below. *Say this affirmation aloud: "I am in the present and fully appreciate its truth."

******** Blend to Experience the Present Truth ******** Prepare this blend by pouring the essential oils in a 10-oz bottle and then adding organic vegetable oil to fill. Anoint the third eye, sacrum and solar plexus. Pour a few drops into the palm of your hands and inhale deeply:

-9 drops Sandalwood -5 drops Cypress -5 drops Pine -4 drops St-John's Wort

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Savor the richness

Feel the terrain beneath your feet. Don't just speed past it or fly over it without noticing. Hold the texture of life in your hands. Immerse yourself in the details.
There is more to being alive than watching images on a screen. There is more to experience than hearing someone tell you about it.

Know life first hand. Make your own adventure, ask your own questions, and follow your own intuitions.

Stop hiding behind the excuses. There is so very much to touch, to do, to create, and to experience.

It is down on the ground, in the details and the intimacies that you will find life's exquisite flavor. Wrap yourself around the experience, and savor the richness of every morsel.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Your Kids' Homework is Done but is Yours?

The yellow buses are rolling again, and your child's bookbag brims with textbooks and recently purchased supplies--another school year is in full gear. Now all that's left is to make sure homework's always done, tests are studied for, and expectations remain high, right? Well, only if you, too, go to school once in a while, thus staying informed and in touch. Says Arthur Pober, "What do children need to do their best in school? Fine teachers, the latest textbooks, state-of the-art classrooms? All help, but nothing has a more profound effect than parents who get involved." Even if you're working full-time, opportunities abound to make a contribution.
First and foremost, attend parent nights to connect with teachers and familiarize yourself with their goals and requirements. Sitting in those uncomfortable desks and rotating from class to class, you'll also discover why some teachers and courses are favored over others. Don't say you're too tired or busy--just be there. Make the time or risk sending the message that education is not a priority. Says student Diana Leary, "My mom shows up for every parent's night--sometimes she's the only one there. It makes me feel good that she cares about what's going on with me."
Meanwhile, don't wait to contact teachers if you notice a change in your child's attitude, effort or grades, and inform them of any special needs or issues that may negatively impact performance. And when you set up a meeting, inform your child beforehand and be prompt, since it will take place during teachers' only free period; when the next period begins, your meeting ends. And don't become defensive when hearing negatives. Instead work together to problem solve and learn strategies to try at home. Afterward, share most of what was said, focusing on the positive but addressing concerns, too, and the steps to be taken.
Volunteering is another way to help both your child and the entire school community. Say the editors of Middle Years: Working Together for School Success, "The more visible you are, the more educators will be able to communicate regularly with you." Some suggestions:
School Involvement
.Into gardening? Create a butterfly or wild flower garden. .An artist? Help out in art class, do a demonstration, assist with the annual art show. .A computer whiz? Help out with internet searches, creating web pages, etc. .Love math, reading, grammar, history, or literature? Share your passion by making presentations and/or do some tutoring. .Sewing is your thing? Help kids fumbling in sewing class, make costumes for the drama club, etc. .The culinary arts are your calling? Help out in the home economics classroom, create a parent-teacher cookbook, and so on.
There are also fundraising opportunities, such as sending in goodies for bake sales, making monetary contributions, and/or buying magazines, candy, wrapping paper, or whatever else your school is selling to raise money. But don't stop there. You can also chaperone dances and field trips, help out with the school newspaper, assist teachers with photocopying and decorating classroom bulletin boards, even calling parents to confirm absences. In other words, don't be among the countless parents who say they value school life but remain uninvolved. Along with attending meetings and volunteering, quickly learn as much as you can about the school's rules, procedures, key personnel, etc. In other words, familiarize yourself with its . . .
1. Principal/assistant principals, secretaries, counselors, reading specialists, speech therapists, and librarians. 2. Calendar of holidays, inservice and conference dates, special events, etc. 3. Discipline procedures and responses. 4. Daily, late arrival, and early dismissal bell schedules. 5. Attendance office number and policies regarding tardiness and absences. 6. Nurse's phone number. 7. Policy on excessive absences. 8. Counseling services and scheduling appointments. 9. Grading system, interim reports, and report card schedules. 10. Honor roll requirements. 11. Emergency closing number. 12. Physical education regulations and required attire. 13. Athletic programs and policies. 14. Shoe/dress code and steps taken when violated. 15. Homework and test-taking policies. 16. Lunch schedules and lunch loan policy. 17. Bookbag policy. 18. Student photo dates. 19. Gifted program and qualifications for inclusion. 20. Busing rules/expectations/discipline procedures. 21. Parent-Teacher Association offerings/meeting dates. 22. Awards system and assembly dates: academic, athletic, etc. 23. Student Council grade requirements and election dates. 24. Chaperoning and volunteering opportunities. 25. Website address for up-to-the-minute happenings, closings, etc.
What it all comes down to is that going back to school isn't just for kids. Parents are part of the equation, too, so be sure to show up and be among those who do far more than just pay lip service to the importance of education. The choices are countless, the message is clear; the time to get involved and make a difference is now. No regrets.

Monday, April 03, 2006

me hubby

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bringing Others Along

If your wish to change the world is only for your own sake, your success in doing so will be severely limited. Yet when it is also for the sake of the world, success is far more possible and likely.
If your wish to change someone else's thinking is merely to prove that you are right, you will rarely succeed. Yet when your desire to change another's thinking is for the uplifting and enlightenment of that person, your chances are vastly improved.
When you are looking out only for yourself and your own interests, the world will be a harsh and lonely place. Invest yourself in the well being of others, and suddenly life becomes much more rich and fulfilling.
When your goals ruthlessly clash with the goals of those around you, the going will be difficult and nearly impossible. Yet when your objectives take into consideration the other people in your life and in your community, you're much more likely to accomplish them.
There is nothing to be gained by thinking and acting only in your own self interest. For whatever short-term gains you may manage will be overshadowed by your lack of positive connection to those around you.
The most powerful way to advance your own interests is to refine and align them with the interests of others. The surest route to real success is by bringing others along.